Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday

This weekend saw the first clumps of violets appearing in our area.

The sight of violets (and snowdrops) gladdens my heart because for me, this means that Spring is on the march.

A lovely vase of daffodils now resides in our sittingroom, courtesy of the flower shop near the tram station, which is suddenly filled with all sorts of flowers:

Even the dandelions on the avenue are in full bloom and enjoying the sun!

And to add to the general gaiety - it being the final day of Carnival - today is Shrove Tuesday: The one day in the year that my family eat pancakes…

The word 'Shrove' comes from the old word 'to shrive' or to confess.  Today is the day to think over the things one is sorry for, that occurred during the year past.   One will have the next six weeks of Lent that will follow, in which to think about them, say sorry for them, and prepare to try and be a better person.  
Old customs and old traditions accompany this day, and what better way to prepare for tomorrow's Ash Wednesday fast - with which to begin the Lenten Season - than with a lovely plate of freshly made pancakes? After all, isn't Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) the other term for Shrove Tuesday?

Here is a fat delicious pancake being made ready in the pan:

Now it sits on the plate, having had its first sprinkling of sugar and lemon juice:

Then it is rolled up, covered with more lemon juice and more sugar.

Eat them while they are hot!!

Do you eat pancakes on this day?
(Or any other day?)

How do you like them?

I am a lemon and sugar person myself whereas AGA likes his drizzled over with honey.  I had a great aunt who ate them with sour cream and caviar…
Some people like their pancakes with Nutella and a friend of mine eats vegan pancakes - no eggs but a couple of teaspoons of baking powder is mixed into the batter.

What about you?