Sunday, 26 August 2012

Good Afternoon!

Good afternoon gentle reader and welcome to my 'blog'.  My name is Kirk Dale and this is my foray into the world of blogging.
You will have to excuse the lack of furnishings as we moved in today and many things are yet to be unpacked.  Indeed the only profile photo I could find is of me as a very young child!  As time passes I shall get all sorted.

One’s first blog post is rather an awkward affair.  Does one launch immediately into prose (without so much as a by-your-leave) which has the reader wondering what on earth they have let themselves in for?  Or does one opt for a lengthy introduction on the whys and wherefores of this blog-amongst-many?  Might this not bore the reader and have them vowing never to return?

For my part I prefer to start self-indulgently with a ‘grande opening’ and you are welcome to take part.

The fare will be simple as this is a small and rather intimate afternoon gathering, surrounded as we are by half unpacked boxes.
We will begin with an aperitif: Cassis I think will do the trick - or there is Cointreau for those who prefer.  Served in nice old liqueur glasses: A pleasant aid to polite conversation.
Freshly baked Madeleines (the Commercy type; not the Parisian ones), scented with either lemon or orange, and liberally sprinkled with sugar, will be handed around on warmed silver salvers.
Guest will them move to the semi circle of chairs.
The blog will be officially opened.  Perhaps Catherine of Braganza might be available?  I am thinking of bouquets of pale pink, lemon and cream roses, a short but heartfelt speech by a local dignitary, polite clapping, the cutting of a large deep red ribbon, more polite clapping and perhaps a photograph of two.
The formalities being over with, music will be provided by Giuseppe Tartini (rather a favourite at present) and that old stalwart, Jean Philippe Rameau
There may be dancing of a sedate sort but there will most certainly be recitation and I am hoping for Dame Edith Sitwell’s ‘Country Dance’.
The event will end with cups of tea and fairy cakes after which goodbyes will be given, continental kisses dispersed with abandon; effusive congratulations bestowed upon your truly, and everyone vowing to return next time.
A review will later be published in which it will be stated that ‘a jolly good time was had by one and all’.

And so, without further ado, I declare this ‘blog’ open!


  1. I'm very sorry to have missed the ribbon-cutting, but I'm glad to be able to welcome you to the blogosphere while you're still unpacking. If you are at all like I am, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize at some point that many of your readers will have turned into very good friends. I'm wishing you the best of luck and happy blogging!

    1. Thank you Mark. I think that my blog is rather like an old car, at present I am still turning that crank handle but soon we will be off a running, trundling through the blog world...