Monday, 30 September 2013

a lazy Sunday afternoon

It has been a very pleasant weekend.

I phoned my nephew yesterday as it was his birthday.  He has just turned fourteen and is heavily in to sport.  He is never happier than when kicking a football about.  Sport was never my thing really, except in a purely armchair capacity...

And speaking of armchairs, this Sunday afternoon I have spent quite a lot of time reclining in one!

It has been a particularly sunny day:

. . . and I have been feeling particularly lazy: sitting idly in one of my favourite chairs, with the sun shining upon me . . .

. . . and what's more I have had a nap - which is always a nice thing to do.

(My father called taking a nap 'resting the great brain'.)

It is a delicious feeling to be sitting in a comfortable position, in a comfortable armchair, and suddenly becoming aware that one is starting to drift -  to 'nod off'.
At that moment one has two options: shake it off or succumb.  This afternoon I chose to allow Morpheus to have his way with me - and half an hour later awoke feeling revived, refreshed and just in time for a cup of tea!

Actually I was slightly late, because as everyone knows, everything stops for tea at 4 o'clock, not 4:14!

And where there are cups of tea, there must also be cake.

I think I may have made mention of a wonderful cake/tart I had, at a little cafe in the old town of Barcelona last June.  At the time I was determined to find out what the name of that heavenly creation was, and more importantly, how to make it.  

I soon ascertained that it is called Tarta de Santiago.  

The next thing thing was to find out how to make it.  

There were all sorts of variations to be found on the Internet, but checking through my recipe box I found that I had had the foresight to cut out a particularly nice sounding version found in a fabulous magazine I subscribe to: Australian Gourmet Traveller.  

And so this weekend I made it (complete with the Cross of Santiago stencilled on top in icing sugar:

I know it is bragging but I must point out that the result was a complete success!  Basically a short crust pastry shell filled with an lemon scented almond mixture, it is very easily made (and very easily eaten too!)

And so there I sat, enjoying the afternoon.

I was sublimely content.

I also knew that something wonderful for dinner was slow cooking in the oven, courtesy of AGA:

 There was lovely music playing:

And all was right with the world.

And that's it . . .

Sometimes there is nothing nicer than a lazy afternoon at home!  Don't you agree?


  1. Absolutely! What a great afternoon! Sometimes I feel guilty when I spend an afternoon reading on the sofa. But sometimes I need it. I agree with you


    1. Dear Marina,
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Never feel guilty: Enjoy it. I love lazy afternoons (perhaps a little too much sometimes!)

  2. Hi, Kirk,

    I enjoyed the view of your charming balcony, a peek at your books, and the very distinctive clock (which I don't think we've seen before). And your tarta with its stenciled top is beautiful to behold. I continue to see all this tantalizing pastry, then look at your profile portrait, and can only deduce that you must have the good fortune of possessing a high metabolism!

    1. Hi Mark,
      That clock is relatively new. It is a Comtoise Clock (a French Grandfather Clock) It is enjoying spending time in the kitchen as present.
      Yes I do have a high basal metabolism - but it is slowing down considerable as I get older and there are times when I have to go a little bit easy on the old cakes!

  3. Your Sunday sounds delightful Kirk! I see you not only have a great taste in cake (perfect combination almond & lemon), but music as well.

    Your view looks beautiful, the chair comfortable....perfect for dozing off. I take a nap when I get out of work, almost every day. Like you I feel revived afterwards!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

    1. Dear Madelief,
      If there is something that I do love - it is listening to lovely music.
      And taking a nap in the afternoon is one of life's simple pleasures! Sometimes when I come home from work I don't just take a nap, Icollapse in the chair and start snoring!
      A happy week to you too!


  4. Dear Kirk - from time to time that is just the kind of Sunday one craves for - a perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries and do exactly what you feel like doing.
    The lemon and almond mixture in the tart sounds a delicious combination.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      I couldn't agree more. And sometimes (if we are in the mood) a little aperitif aids in the recharging process!

  5. Hello Kirk

    A perfect Sunday indeed. Afternoon tea looks delicious and I love the image of the tarte de Santiago. Oh to have a slice right now. I must settle for an apple and green tea.

    Have a delightful week

    1. Dear Helen,
      How are you? Thank you for dropping by. It is good to hear from you.
      An apple and green tea sounds okay to me. A very cleansing and refreshing combination - although I might be tempted to dip pieces of the apple in sugar.
      I wish you a delightful work too


  6. I agree!
    What a wonderful afternoon and a wonderful post!

    1. Dear Markus,
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      I hope that the sun does not go away too soon! We need it to stay for at least one more month.

  7. Having now lived in Southern Spain for more than 2 years, I have come to appreciate the afternoon siesta... AND the Tarta de Santiago. Where we differ, however, is that the first time I had Tarta de Santiago I was determined to remember the name so I could order it in another cafe. Yours looks perfect, by the way!

  8. Hello Kirk, You describe such a perfect and relaxing weekend. The idea of putting on a cd is so simple and appealing, but I haven't been able to listen to music for a while. I usually listen on my computer, but it has developed a problem of overheating and crashing when playing music or videos.

    Thanks then double for letting us enjoy this with you!

  9. Ahhhhh....what an absolutely FABULOUS DAY, KIRK! Your cake, your flat, your lovely. Thank you. We are still having a bit of summer weather here but I long to have a little bit of a chill so I can bake and wear some wool! Have a super evening. Anita

  10. To nap in such a cosy nest seems close to perfect.