Friday, 18 October 2013

Flying visits

Well, we are off again.

I will be away from my blog for two to three weeks.

We are visiting Melbourne because AGA's father is gravely ill.  He has been ill for a few months and while he is a strong man both physically and mentally, we are told that there is little hope.  He has been given one year at the most.

Of course such predicitions are just that: Predictions.  No one can really know the length of another person's days, and as a colleague of mine pointed out only yesterday, the condition all each of us is 'terminal', from the day we are born.

So we are going back to see AGA's Father; to be with him; and to spend time in his company.

It is at times like these that the tyranny of distance comes into it's own.  Even in these days of e-mail, and skype, and all the other niceties of 21st Century life that have made instant gratification a by-word for modern living; there is nothing like being 'there' - rather than doing so vicariously from 'here' via a length of fibre optic cable and a satellite...

On the bright side, we will also be there for my Mother's birthday - the first time in ten years that this has been possible, and we will be in Melbourne, which is always a nice place to be.

So I will say adieu for the moment, and we will be back in early November.

In the meantime, I have left you a couple of glasses of cider, and a 'Homes and Antiques' magazine for you to enjoy yourself with:

Oh, and there is also a copy of 'Daggers in the Forum' by Keith Richardson if you are interested . . .


  1. Hello Kirk, I am sorry that you have to make this trip under such serious circumstances. I am sure that this quality time spend with AGA's father will be increasing precious to both of you.

    I am glad that this will be balanced with your mother's celebration--wish her Happy Birthday from your readers.

  2. Hello Kirk...I wish you and AGA a trip that will be both reflective and peaceful. It's never easy watching loved ones struggle. Anita

  3. Aw thanks Kirk. Hoping you find parents in better help than expected, and get to give your mom a good long hug. (as moms do enjoy this :) I will miss you....I just got you back!

  4. Thoughts, prayers and good energy with him and with you and AGA. Safe and healing journey.

  5. Dear Kirk, I hope that you and AGA have as good a trip as possible. I join your many blogging friends who will keep you both in their thoughts and best wishes.

  6. Your trip will brings lots of comfort to your family Kirk, Have a safe trip and I'll just sit here and polish these off while I'm here.

  7. So sorry for the reason for the trip. Hope there are many sweet moments during the visit.

  8. So wise to go now. In my experience there is an unfathomable joy in these last visits. The dross is stripped away, leaving only the meaningful in absolute clarity.

  9. Dear Kirk,

    So sorry to hear of your father in laws ill health. I hope that Aga and you will be able to bring him some happiness.

    Thinking of you!

    Madelief x