Sunday, 21 May 2017


You know how things are sometimes: You make plans and then they are all tossed up in the air!!

It seems that no sooner did I reopen my blog than I was engulfed in busy-ness!!

Since my last post there have been birthdays.

Mr. A and I have both had the 'flu.

We have been busy helping Mme O by assembling chandeliers in her new home.

We have been to and fro from our country place...

And then there has been work to do and the usual things that happen in one's day to day life...

It seems as though I have no time to even sit down and take my ease...

Next weekend all will be back to normal but in the interim I thought that I would share with you some autumn photographs from this weekend.

 These are the chestnut trees on our land.  We have cut off the lower branches so that the trees have more shape.

 We are now able to light fires to burn the old branches etc.  We bought a couple of tressles and took an old door to make a table.

Down in the wooded part the leaves have made a lovely carpet.  In the midst is the old well that we will soon be having made into a proper well head.

For our birthday Mme. O bought us a small gas canister controlled camp stove.  Luxury!!

I hope that you like these few photos.


  1. Hello Kirk, While we are enjoying spring and gearing up for summer, you are enjoying some crisp fall weather. I am surprised that you are allowed to have open fires--even burning autumn leaves is illegal in the areas in which I have lived, some of them rural. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of your private campground!

    1. Hello Jim,
      The rules are strict but I think because of the high rainfall and high elevation we are allowed to. Mind you, we have to tell the council each time we do it. Enjoy the Spring! Kirk

  2. That would be man flu you suffered from, worse than childbirth. Great Autumn photos.